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LIU Shu-Tsin - 劉淑卿, International Watercolor Painter


Mrs LIU Shu-Tsin-劉淑卿 is :
- Membre of the Taiwan Contemporary Artist Association,
- Membre of the Kaohsiung Elite Association of Fine Arts Promotion (Taiwan),
- Member of the Taiwan Modern Watercolor Association of International Watercolor League (Taiwan),
- International Palm'Arts Master (Belgium),
- Member of the Kaohsiung Gang Du Artists Inter Change (Taiwan) - 2010-2015,
- Represented by the Agora Gallery in New-York (USA) - 2012-2013,
- Member of the European Artistic Merit (Belgium) - 2009-2010,
- Member of the European Arts Academy (Belgium) - 2008-2010.


Shu-Tsin Liu is an artist who resided in Europe for many years. She combines the traditional art of Chinese calligraphy with watercolor painting of Western Europe and created an original watercolor calligraphy. Her blend of figurative and abstract, seemingly abstract, implies more oriental elements.

Her artworks have changed since 2007; three years later she henceforth creates with her style and special techniques. She mentioned that color is the expression of her inner self. Shu-Tsin Liu, by the influence of western techniques, uses colors in profusion, which contains eastern philosophical reflections. This fusion of abstract, figurative and other styles of calligraphy philosophy, is the best inner portrayal during her overseas journey for more than 40 years.

"Taiwan" is her source of knowledge, ideas and her roots.